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Current Season (In Game)

:sun: revision by MrichstonSummer, Y2 of the Outbreak :sun: revision by Mrichston
Avg. Temp: 70° F
Game Herds: Fairly Common but on high alert! Many are protecting offspring, aggression levels elevated.
Gardens: Plants are growing, Early crops are being harvested.
Chance of Storms: Afternoon showers common, heavier storms lead to wash out in the valleys. Be wary of Flash Flooding!

Do not forget to submit your entries guys. They're due tomorrow.

:new::new: Hey guys, I'm making an extension to get your entries in. I understand school is overwhelming and have had little time myself to do anything other than schoolwork/ life in general so The new date is May 12th. Thank you

:new: DATE for Phase 1: Tracking, has been added. Get your entries in, people, and good luck ;D See bottom for date and details on entry:new:

Hey guys! It's been quite some time, hasn't it? We apologize for the lack of activity, for life sort of got in the way of things and HellGate was caught at the tail end of it. We are sincerely sorry about that, so let's wipe off the dust and start up again~
BUT! moving onto more pressing matters, a new group event has reared its head >3

A Farmhand's Dismay:

   The Farmhands have show signs of discomfort and ill ease  for days now. The sickening stench of death lingered in the air, the metallic tang of copper invading their nostrils as they peered hopelessly to the blood-caked soil that once made up their stockyard. Sheep, calves, and even a heifer herself lay mutilated in their once safe pasture. The bodies were gnawed on, the fangs that sunk into the flesh taking large chunks away each time they withdrew to bite down again. the blood trail lead back into the equally dangerous forest, a place no one dared to blindly enter now a days, even if to pursue a livestock killer. They would have to think of something a bit more.. tactical..

The Chase

:bulletred: Chasing down this beast will be no easy task. It seems to gain its confidence at night, and it won't make the same mistake twice. Ethan has made it clear he does not want firearms used around the town, Only in case of emergencies... so the only way to get this creature under control is to trap it.

Want to bring glory to your name amongst the people? Want to show the townies you're good for more than just smarts? Or perhaps you have something to prove that is otherwise unreachable in the town's eyes? Step in and see just how you fair against the evasive animal.
Do you wish to use it in a more.. sinister matters..
Obtaining this creature will allow you to have the power of fear on your side, especially within the walls of the town.
Anyone can test their skills in this hunting game, after all.. even those who aren't a part of the town itself.

Your character needs to be seen tracking down the animal in order for the signs to come into play.


:bulletred: The signs from this animal leads you closer to tracking it down and capturing it. The fresher the sign, the closer you are to obtaining the animal. This is your starting point only, and whatever you roll, you can build up from there. There will be a total of three rolls, each time narrowing down the signs from what you last rolled to what is obtainable to you from that.

-Stale trail- No animal has been around your spot for some time.. I suggest you try another to better your luck.

-Tuft of hair- Looks like someone's shedding. The coarse hairs are pale in color, but no other sign of the animal is to be found.

-Dusty tracks- Faint tracks are hard to tail. They can be lost by even the keenest of hunters so do pay attention or you'll lose it in a flash. Heaven knows if it's even the animal you're after.

-Wet tracks- These tracks are still fresh, and from what can be seen,  the pads are canine-like in nature but almost feline in shape.. strange.

-Old Scat- The animal has been here in the course of five days. It's hard to tell anything from it.

-Fresh Scat- The animal's passed through here rather recently. It's littered with bones and hair.  

:bulletred:- Stench- The lingering stench of death and musk is faint in the air, so you have just missed the animal.

:bulletred:- Devil's eyes- ... Looks like you're not the only one tracking here..

-:note: If you somehow roll the last possible choice on the first try, you will be locked in for the final roll.

The ones that will be out of reach for the moment are the last two . They will be unlocked on the third roll. These will be RNG'd, so everyone has a chance to try and track the animal.


:bulletred: In the end, the competitors that roll the last two choices will have a chance to trap the beast. Your survivor has to think of a way to trap it and hope it holds up. They have to account for the following:
-The size of the animal
-The origin of the animal (obviously you're not gonna catch it with a piece of fruit. Don't lay a trap it won't be interested in)
-The strength of the animal (It took down a heifer, after all. No rabbit snare will catch this creature)
-Keeping it from being too badly injured in the trap itself- (Bear traps are a no go. snapping off a foot isn't the best idea by any means.)

Once the finalists have their traps set, it will then be time to see who gets the creature and who gets a ruined trap. If all of the details are accounted for, You will have several options brought to you:

-Empty trap- It wasn't interested in your trap, or it might've seen through your ploy.

- Caught a different animal- This animal doesn't look how it should.. Something else got interested in your trap.

-Broken trap- The animal was caught, but it tore itself free and destroyed your trap in the process.

:bulletred::bulletred:- A Snarling captive-:bulletred::bulletred:  You've got yourself a cow killer.. and a very angry one, at that.

:note: I will go through everyone's entries even if the animal is caught until every last entry has a roll. If more than one of you get the animal the first try,  It will be narrowed down between those competitors and I will roll again. It's so everyone has a chance.

The Reward

The reward for capturing this elusive creature  is one that many of the survivors may not be too keen on, especially since it is a nuisance to their town and a threat to their food source.. but it isn't their call.
If you manage to successfully capture the beast, It will then be owned as an



Keep a close eye to see the animal creep its way into view as it tries its best to outsmart the competitors. Its identity will slowly be revealed as the event goes on.

:new: :bulletred:PHASE 1:bulletred:Tracking- basic image--due date: April 22th, 2017. I will take late entries up to 48 hours after the deadline if you let me know in advance you will not be done by this date.
-Base Image guidelines: Your character must be seen trying to track down the beast. They know nothing other than the fact that the animal has torn apart the livestock that feeds the town of Hellgate. For example, they can be surveying a piece of land they may want to check for any animal signs, they can be looking over the animals that had fallen victim to the beast's hungry jaws. Talking with a farmhand or even just walking through the woods in search of possible signs. Anything along those lines should be fine!

Once finished with your entry, submit it to the Quests folder please.

Good luck, and happy hunting :heart:
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